Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Acceptable Substitute

One of our technicians here, Kelley recently lent me a couple of cool encyclopedias, one of the dog and one of the cat.  From time to time we will be posting a few interesting tidbits and trivia just to keep you on your toes. :)

"Our evolving relationship with the dog can be followed by examining how it is portrayed in folklore and religion, literature, and art.  The dog's role in past and present cultures and societies can be surveyed by exploring its involvement in our day-to-day activities- in agriculture, sports, defense, and security.  Its roles and activities are many and diverse because its basic physical and psychological design is so superb.  Physically, it is a robust carnivore with sophisticated senses, many of which are superior to ours.  Its body systems are highly adaptable, permitting it to survive on a varied diet.  most important, when we consider its relationship with us, is its profoundly sociable behavior.  Like us, dogs are pack animals.  They enjoy company, and because we communicate in ways that they understand, we make acceptable dog substitutes as companions."  Thank goodness!

Enjoy the amazingly beautiful weather!

Excerpt from: The New Encyclopedia of the Dog

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