Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meet Junior

One of our clients just introduced a wonderful kitten named Junior into her household.  Her three adult cats have been very tolerant, and Junior has settled in to the family nicely.  He is still a kitten though, so he has a lot of energy.  If you’re introducing a new kitten into your household, here are some ideas to help give those older feline ‘siblings’ an occasional break.  As we’ve discussed, scheduling play sessions can give him a reliable outlet for his energy.  If you schedule play sessions for him, he can anticipate future fun instead of having to create his own entertainment at the expense of his housemates. 

Foraging toys filled with bits of food are also very popular with kittens.  These can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make them.  For instance, if you have an empty egg carton, poke a few strategic holes in the top and fill the carton with dry food.  (You don’t even have to invest in special treats.  Kitty’s dry food will be more exciting because he had to work for it!)  If you want to search on-line, you can find foraging toys such as treat balls or treat dispensers for as little as five dollars.  Always remember the simple things such as rotating toys to keep them fresh and fun.  Use your imagination to stimulate kitty’s imagination.

Kelley Wagner, C.V.T.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Power Of The Cat

"Superstitious beliefs persist that cats, and especially black ones, can bring both good and bad fortune- a belief that is often based on geography and ownership.  As Moncrif, the first naturalist to rehabilitate the cat, wrote in his History of Cats (1727): 'the color black works very well against cats in unsophisticated minds; it heightenst he fire in their eyes, which is enough to make people believe they are witches at the very least.'  Black cats were said to be in league with the devil and as a result were often sacraficed.  Later, teh unfortunate black cat became a portent of good luck in Britian when it crossed your path; this was based upon the idea that evil had passed you by unharmed.  In North America this is reversed on the basis that the black cat is an evil spirit: its ere presence is dangerous."

As you prepare for this Halloween, keep in mind the power of the cat!

Excerpt from The Encyclopedia of the Cat by Bruce Fogle, DVM

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Prepare for Pet Safety

Since, it is cold and blustery outside today, I think it's time to talk safety.  Several general precautions should always be taken to ensure that your pet doesn't get into something dangerous.  This goes for both dogs and cats.  Make sure all your pesticides and rodenticides are kept locked up in cupboards high off the ground.  Also, be sure to keep all vehicle fluids, especially antifreeze, locked up and high off the floor.  These products can taste flavorful to animals and can cause irreversible organ damage leading ultimately to death.

In preparation for the winter months, it is important to be as familiar with your pet's ability to tolerate cold weather.  Cats that are kept inside are safe from the elements and the risks of being hit by a car, attacked by a dog, caught in the fan belt of a car, Feline AIDS, Feline Leukemia, target practice and antifreeze poisoning. Dogs who spend a great deal of time outside should have dry, wind-proof shelter out of the elements with fresh, clean water provided at all times.  Precautions should also be taken to ensure warmth.  dogs with short hair and a non-weatherproof hair coat should not be left outside for long periods of time during our harsher winter months.  They may be at risk for frostbite and other health problems.  This is especially true for our geriatric pets.

For those pets that spend most of their time inside, please make sure all electric cords are safely hidden.  Keep holiday decorations out of reach and medications locked up, and all human foods put away.  Winter is the time when we see the most life-threatening illnesses.  Please take the time to ensure that your pet will have a happy and SAFE winter.  Stay warm today and try not to blow away!!

Stephanie Severson, CVT

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Acceptable Substitute

One of our technicians here, Kelley recently lent me a couple of cool encyclopedias, one of the dog and one of the cat.  From time to time we will be posting a few interesting tidbits and trivia just to keep you on your toes. :)

"Our evolving relationship with the dog can be followed by examining how it is portrayed in folklore and religion, literature, and art.  The dog's role in past and present cultures and societies can be surveyed by exploring its involvement in our day-to-day activities- in agriculture, sports, defense, and security.  Its roles and activities are many and diverse because its basic physical and psychological design is so superb.  Physically, it is a robust carnivore with sophisticated senses, many of which are superior to ours.  Its body systems are highly adaptable, permitting it to survive on a varied diet.  most important, when we consider its relationship with us, is its profoundly sociable behavior.  Like us, dogs are pack animals.  They enjoy company, and because we communicate in ways that they understand, we make acceptable dog substitutes as companions."  Thank goodness!

Enjoy the amazingly beautiful weather!

Excerpt from: The New Encyclopedia of the Dog