Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meet Junior

One of our clients just introduced a wonderful kitten named Junior into her household.  Her three adult cats have been very tolerant, and Junior has settled in to the family nicely.  He is still a kitten though, so he has a lot of energy.  If you’re introducing a new kitten into your household, here are some ideas to help give those older feline ‘siblings’ an occasional break.  As we’ve discussed, scheduling play sessions can give him a reliable outlet for his energy.  If you schedule play sessions for him, he can anticipate future fun instead of having to create his own entertainment at the expense of his housemates. 

Foraging toys filled with bits of food are also very popular with kittens.  These can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make them.  For instance, if you have an empty egg carton, poke a few strategic holes in the top and fill the carton with dry food.  (You don’t even have to invest in special treats.  Kitty’s dry food will be more exciting because he had to work for it!)  If you want to search on-line, you can find foraging toys such as treat balls or treat dispensers for as little as five dollars.  Always remember the simple things such as rotating toys to keep them fresh and fun.  Use your imagination to stimulate kitty’s imagination.

Kelley Wagner, C.V.T.

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