Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is There A Right Time For An Emergency?

This is probably a surprise to most of you, but we occasionally get very busy here at Belle City Veterinary Hospital.  The walk-in nature of our practice has in effect made us a day-time animal E.R. for Racine and the surrounding communities.  We tend to get a feast-or-famine flow (or lack of flow) to the day.  Recently, during a particularly large rush of sick patients, one of our Veterinary Technicians opined that clients must gather at the Walgreen's parking lot across the street until the numbers are sufficient for an overwhelming assault!  So far, we have kept just ahead of the crush, thanks in large part to your patience, and we do appreciate your patients.

If you have experienced one of these particularly busy times, you may have noticed that the order is mostly- but not always- first come, first served.  The reason for the departure may simply be that Fifi is only here for a nail trim or a booster shot or a pre-arranged drop-off for a test, etc.  Often, thought, a patient moving to the front of the line is a triage decision.  Triage is the decision to treat in a certain order based on need or urgency.  Conditions that will garner this most immediate attention are, in somewhat decreasing order; cardiac or respiratory arrest, respiratory distress, hemorrhage, active seizure, trauma, sudden collapse, etc.  We also expedite euthanasias to help decrease the stress of this difficult time; emotional triage, if you will.

Always remember that if your pet is experiencing a crisis, we will make that our first priority and thank you for your understanding when someone else is going through an emergency with their companion.  If possible, please notify us en route with the nature of your emergency and an ETA to help us prepare; sometimes seconds do count.

Brian C. Ray, DVM

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wish you were our vet. but a virtual vet is quite helpful too!
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