Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cat Tree

In our imaginary cat home, Nikki has invested a lot of time and money in providing a happy environment for her cats.  She’s particularly fond of the ‘cat tree’ she has next to her front window.  It has three levels for perches, the base is wrapped in sessil rope, and it’s covered in carpet.  (If she squints, she can convince herself that the carpet kind of matches her furniture.)  She bought it at a discount store, and her cats love it!  It serves a different purpose for each cat.  Prince, of course, claims the top level to survey his domain.  Maude thinks it’s worth the effort to spring up to the second level and bask in the morning sun.  Sparky likes to scamper up to the first or second level where he can watch the world or chirp at the birds outside or bat at Maude or Prince’s tail as it lazily waves back and forth.  Even Violet will use the sisal rope at the base of the tree to scratch out some of her inner frustrations.
A cat tree can be a very useful tool for a multiple cat household – especially if you live in a small space.  It’s a way to ‘cheat’, if you will.  It makes more effective use of your vertical space without  occupying any additional floor space.  That being said, I’ve seen as many great cat trees as I’ve seen prohibitive prices.  If you can’t afford a fancy cat tree, try to think of other ways to provide cat perches around your house.  If I leave the room when I clean out my linen drawers, I invariably find a cat in the drawer the moment I return.  If you can place a blanket or pillow in a secluded drawer in a closet or entertainment center, a shy cat like Violet will be able to watch the world without being seen.  Be creative.  Look for good perches and then create a cat spot that blends with your décor.  If you have great ideas, send us some pictures.  We’ll post them and inspire others!

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