Saturday, April 2, 2011

All The Way Home

A few days ago, we worked with a beautiful new tortoiseshell kitten who was in heat.  Missy needed an exam, vaccines, and pre-operative blood work for that all-important spay.  Even though we went slowly and took lots of petting breaks between ‘indignities’, Missy was still huffy and hissy by the time she went back into her carrier.  Observing her, her owner wisely decided that she’d probably keep her away from the dogs for the afternoon – for the dogs’ own safety!

With that in mind, here are a few tips for the trip home after a veterinary visit.  First, if you’re bringing two cats to see us, please bring two carriers.  Two cats who travel well to the veterinary office might not travel so well after the invasion of personal space involved with a yearly exam.  Similarly, when you get kitty home, consider giving her time away from your other cats (or dogs).  Not only have we interrupted the all-important feline routine of eating, sleeping, and predicting sun spots, but kitty smells like the veterinarian and may be feeling or acting a little funny.  She may want to blame the other cats, and they may react unkindly to her strange behavior.  Don’t worry, after a few hours, all will be forgotten and harmony will be restored. 

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