Saturday, June 18, 2011

Violet and the Loud, Scary Litter Box Area

Violet, being a very shy kitty, can be pretty skittish.  If something scares her, she’s off like a shot and you won’t see her again for a long time.  Violet does not like unpredictable things.  Her owner Nikki needs to be aware of this when she’s setting up Violet’s living space.  Her food and water should be in an open area where Violet can see all around her and watch out for the other house cats.  Her litter box area(s) can be in quiet areas for privacy, but they should ideally have multiple access routes.  We don’t want another cat to be able to block access to the litter box or ambush her when she’s trying to leave.  Also, if she’s startled, she needs to get out quick.  If Violet does not feel safe in her litter box area, she will find somewhere else to go where she feels safe.  A very popular location for litter boxes is the laundry room.  This is fine unless you have a skittish cat.  I have known cats who avoid the laundry room for weeks after being startled by a pair of sneakers tumbling in the dryer.  If you have a cat who jumps at shadows, slinks around the edges of rooms, and disappears when you have company, be aware that she or he is a very sensitive soul.  If this cat feel safe,  we’ll all lead a much more comfortable life.

Kelley Wagner, C.V.T.

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