Saturday, June 25, 2011

Litterbox 411

The other day, I was looking up a product for a client on a pet store website.  As I strayed into the litter box area, I saw fuzzy boxes, covered boxes, rotating boxes and boxes with stairs.  Some were cool, some were weird, and a few were a bit bizarre.  I was quickly reminded of the fact that, while these products are for our cats, they’re marketed for us.  Many of these boxes are designed to be easily disguised in our homes and to keep the odor inside.  Unfortunately, cats often prefer an open, clean litter box.  When you’re shopping for your next box (at least once a year, right?), keep your cat in mind as well as your décor.  If your cat uses a covered litter box, make sure you clean at least once a day.  If we don’t want to deal with the smell, imagine how they feel with their much more sensitive noses.  When you disguise your litter box so guests won’t see it, make sure it’s still easily accessible for your cat.  If she really has to go, we want her to be able to quickly get to the right spot.  The next time you’re looking at litter boxes, either at the store or in your own home, try to think like your cat.

Kelley Wagner, CVT

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