Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Tips~~ Part IV

Welcome to our final installment of the winter tips!  This weeks tips deal with paws and skin health....


*  Provide boots when playing/walking in cold weather.
    (frequently lifting of paws and whining= uncomfortably cold paws).

*  Monitor for formation of ice balls between he pads and toes-especially for dogs with long fur.  Ice ball   formation is painful, and dogs may whine, chew at paws, and stop walking.

*  The application of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) may be helpful in preventing ice ball formation.

*  WIPE PAWS after being outdoors to remove snow, ice, and salt from pads.

*  De-icing salt used on sidewalks and roads can be very irritating to paws.

Winter's Decrease in Humidity Brings Dry Skin.

*  Bathe only when needed, and thoroughly dry your pets before they go outside.

*  Add moisturizing oils to the bath water.

*  Provide Omega Fatty Acid supplementation.

We hope that you have found these tips helpful and wish you and your furry family members a safe winter season!

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