Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ready to Adopt a Sweet Little Furball?

So you want to get a new puppy or kitten?  Sure, who doesn't?  Have you done your research?

When you choose a new family member, it is important that you sit down and define your lifestyle.  Active families are suited for active dogs.  Quiet and reserved families are suited for less active dogs.  What about size?  Do you have a big enough house and yard for a larger breed dog such as a Saint Bernard, or do you have an apartment suited for a smaller breed like a dachshund?  Breed research is the key to deciding which breed of dog would best be suited for your family.

With kittens, most of us adopt from a shelter or a private home.  If this is the case, how active is the kitten when you view it?  Does it appear unhealthy?  Is it sneezing, eating, etc?  Even sick puppies and kittens need a home, but are you prepared to provide the proper care that kitten or puppy will need once you adopt or purchase it?

If you do not wish to adopt a dog in need from a rescue organization or a shelter and want a specific breed, please be aware of that breeds health predisposition and insist on health certifications of the parents in the form of OFA/PennHip/CERF certificates.  The same recommendations apply for pure bred cats-research the breed.  Certain cat breeds are known to be reclusive; others can be very social.  Some breeds, such as Maine Coons, have friendlier and calmer tendencies, while some Abyssinian's may be extremely vocal and flighty.  Conducting your research before acquiring a dog or cat can help to ensure that this new family member remains a family member in good standing for its lifetime. 

We look forward to meeting your new cat or dog soon!

Stephanie Severson, CVT

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