Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thick With Ticks

We have been awarded with a mild winter and an amazing start to spring.  With this, we will also have to pay the price with a buggier spring and summer.  I know that the kids and I have already gotten our first mosquito bites!  Important for our pets, and especially in our area of the country is going to be an active and dense tick season.

Below are some interesting facts from a recent article in Veterinary Practice News Magazine, April, 2012.

"An unseasonably warm U.S. winter not only has meant non-stop tick-sightings, it could mean a boom in the parasite population this spring-- or sooner, parasitologists say.  This correlates with a higher prevalence of tick-borne diseases in dogs and humans."

"Ticks are expanding their domains, possibly by hitching rides on migrating animals or animals in wildlife relocation programs.  These factors coupled with people moving outward into tick-endemic areas, have resulted in higher risk of tick-borne disease transfer to animals and humans."

"Currently the only tick borne disease that can be prevented is Lyme disease."

There are a number of good flea/tick products on on the veterinary market.  A few have as high as 96% effectiveness even on day 30.  "No product is 100% effective, but regular use greatly decreases the number of parasites that can live on the pet, this, in turn, decreases the chances that the pet owner may be bitten."

So, bottom line, prevention is key.  Through both Lyme vaccine and flea/tick protections, you can protect not only your pet, but also the people in your household.  Ask us about the best product's for your pet's lifestyle.

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