Thursday, December 1, 2011

Share The Warmth

The cold weather months seem to be creeping upon us, with some of our first measurable snow expected this evening.  Our staff has been spending much of their down time hard at work making no sew blankets that we will be donating to local organizations.  As many of our initial blankets (25 of them!) were either smaller or fun themes, our first drop off will be to HALO women's and children's shelter. 

We are hoping to keep this project moving beyond the holidays and through the winter months.  We have so many here locally in need.  Our next focus is going to be senior citizens who need a little extra TLC.  If you would like help us Share The Warmth, we are looking for donations of  fleece fabrics (2 yards of a print & 2 yards of a coordinating solid).  Thank you for helping us make the dark winter months brighter for those in need.

Amy Ray 

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