Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seminar Recap

There are any number of continuing education opportunities out there for our technical staff.  Here is a review of a recent one that our technician assistant Sue attended...

Working as a registered nurse for the past 13 years, I have been to numerous seminars and conferences.  Some have been very informative and educational, while others have proved less than stellar.  Now that I am working as a veterinary technician assistant, I felt that continuing education in this field is just as important as in human health care.  I attended a seminar presented by the Veterinary Specialty Center located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.  I must say, it was one of the finest seminars that I have ever attended. 

Everything was first class.  The presenters and material presented enhanced my knowledge and left me feeling very positive about my career change.  Lectures were informative and addressed many of the diseases seen on a daily basis here at Belle City.  Topics that were covered included: osteoarthritis in dogs and cats, performing the initial assessment, infectious disease, ECG interpretation, wound care, skull radiographs, lymphoma, and the difference between Cushings and Addisons diseases.  As you can see the topics were varied and the Cushings vs Addisons presentation was extremely helpful as we frequently see both diseases at our hospital.

The staff at the Veterinary Specialty Center was very prepared and presented the material in an organized and efficient manner.  Everything about this seminar was impressive and our breakfast and lunch were included.  The entire seminar was FREE and after attending this year, I would gladly go again.  It was a wonderful opportunity to increase my knowledge and I would highly recommend any veterinary technician attend if at all possible.  I am looking forward to next year's seminar!

Sue Trefny

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