Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Is Coming, And New Year's Eve Is Too!

Which of these tips will help you avoid emergency visits this holiday season?

  1. Watch that Candy!!  Even a small amount of chocolate can be dangerous, especially for a toy breed dog.
  2. Watch your cats around the Christmas tinsel and decorations.  We don't want to have to give Fluffy exploratory surgery for Christmas.
  3. As much as we like to share the joy, please keep 'people food' to yourselves.  The rich holiday foods can cause pancreatitis for our loyal friends.
  4. Watch kids and dogs during holiday parties.  For a nervous dog, the excitement of a party added to the unpredictability of children could lead to an accidental bite.
  5. Puppies and kittens LOVE to chew.  Don't let them chew on your holiday lights!! (If you spread a thin layer of cayenne pepper over the cord, this will discourage chewing).
  6. Holiday drinks are a 'no no' for pets.  Dont' let Rufus clean out glasses half full of alcohol.
We wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

Stephanie Severson, CVT

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